A Milwaukee Transplant Making Noise in The Valley of The Sun

Recently, I had the privilege of chopping it up with Deebo Lotti Maserati, a rapper and CEO who lets his hustle and consistency do the talking. Homie has a resume that’s nothing to sneeze at and carries himself like he’s been here before which is a welcome break from the norm. There’s also a wit and a melodic sensibility to his work that, when coupled with a grizzled cadence, make for a really dope and most importantly believable listen. …

A Godly Flow Runs Through The Desert

Roqy Tyraid is one of Phoenix’s finest. He respects the craft and the history of the culture while bringing the type of dexterity and ingenuity that only those who have put in their 10,000 hours can bring. He’s dedicated, unflappable, and ready to make a long-overdue leap into the upper-echelon of Hip Hop’s most respected lyricists. I’ve recently gotten to know the homie a bit, peep the process, word to Hinkie:

Every hero has an origin story, tell me yours:

My origin story, huh? I’ve always been on this singular journey to immerse myself in the world of music and…

One of AZ’s finest has history and stock in the game.

A Cat in his Bag.

I’ve been chopping it up recently with Bag Of Tricks Cat. He’s worked with a mutual friend in the legendary Mega Ran and is an overall good dude with a real past, present, and future in this music shit. His work ethic, jack of all trades nature, and outlook very much stand out to me. I can definitely see a world where we work together down the line, but in the meantime, we had a conversation in the form of this here interview:

Every hero has an origin story, tell me yours:

My story starts as a young kid growing…

An Entertainment Lawyer With Integrity and Heart

I’ve recently gotten to know James Landry and literally plan on hiring this guy to represent me on the music side. His candor is refreshing, and he’s well-versed in every aspect of the music business. The artist-forward nature of everything he does speaks for itself, but in the spirit of giving, here are more free gems courtesy of The Music Esquire himself:

I’m aware of your formal education in terms of being a lawyer, but how did you get so well-versed in the music industry? How would you describe the scope of that learning process?

I never stop learning by…

A Connecticut singer/songwriter with versatility and chops.

Brian Jai in his element

Recently, I had the opportunity to chop it up with Connecticut’s Brian Jai: a singer/songwriter who seamlessly integrates his many influences into something fresh and eclectic while preserving a cohesive feel. A year and a half removed from debut opus “You Deserve It”, Brian Jai continues to embody what R&B should feel like in 2021.

Every hero has an origin story, tell me yours:

I grew up in a small town called Montville in Southeastern Connecticut. I was surrounded by music since I was born, both parents being vocalists.

Something about sound and how music made me feel was so…

From Omaha to Full Sail and Beyond

STIMULUS is a label owner and actively touring independent rapper. With family roots deeply entrenched in music, he has a respect for the craft proven further by his decision to seek out formal, industry-related education at Full Sail University. Recently, I had a chance to chop it up with the young wordsmith and the results were predictably dope.

Every hero has an origin story, tell me yours:

My father was a really talented musician that died when I was young. I think I was inspired by him to get into music of some…

Sharing Strength From The Sum Of His Experiences

Dollaz donated a scholarship to his former school

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Corey Dollaz over the past several months. I’m always thoroughly impressed with an artist who can take their collection of hardships and alchemize them into hope. He does so while retaining his edge and without coming off as disingenuous or corny and is very much an artist to watch from where I’m standing. Recently, we had a few moments to chop it up, peep how it transpired:

Every hero has an origin story, tell me yours:

Well, I’m from Saginaw, Michigan; we’re like an…

Mista Books & Teck Zilla’s New EP Is Straight To The Point


On “The Harder The Better”, Nigerian-based duo Mista Books & Teck-Zilla fuse Jazz & Soul with classic boom-bap and delivers a memorable front-to-back experience over the course of seven expertly crafted tracks.


01. The Harder The Better (Intro)
02. Try Angles
03. Guilty by Rhyme
04. Unapologetic (feat. Phlow)
05. Black Muscle (feat. Mack Gee)
06. Prophylactic
07. Everyday Thang (feat. Ex-O, Prophecy)

“Unapologetic” is a standout among standouts. Phlow, a collaborator of mine (on a record produced by Teck himself), continues to get more surgical…

Baltimore’s Roc Writah Makes Triumphant Return

Roc Writah is one of my favorite artists in the Baltimore scene because he’s substance before style. He works at his pace and is really adamant about the art speaking for itself. In an oversaturated era, homie is the genuine article.

Roc Writah is among the many standouts who were delayed by the monstrosity that has been COVID. He had plans to tour but once deterred, used this time as an opportunity to fine-tune and perfect wha was already tremendous. As they say, “What Doesn’t Kill You”…

This year on his birthday (March 15), Roc released a five song EP…

Let the (dead) bodies hit the floor.

Don Welch is a Texas-based Rapper and Producer signed to San Antonio’s Mind & Soul Music. What initially drew me to Don is the attention to detail with which he crafted “De@d Bodies” as both a record and a visual. The record is an amalgamation of Welch’s many influences (From Pac to Zeppelin to L to Vaughan) and the visual has a Tarantino aesthetic without feeling overly derivative or forced. In a microwave media culture, I’m always happy to consume content from an artist with patience and vision; the fact that Don can really rap doesn’t hurt, though.

Every hero…

MC Bravado

The greatest Rapper/English Teacher to grace the Earth, ever. As seen/heard on many a noteworthy publication, record, and stage. www.MCBravado.com @MCBravado

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