Influence Is Only A Tapp Away

For influencer marketing, there is only one organization that is capable of creating organic content at every stage of the marketing funnel. Influencer Marketing and Scaled Paid Media services are offered by Tapp to businesses looking for additional revenue streams via social media. For each campaign, they have a pool of current, working influencers whom they select for collaboration. There is an incentive for influencers and companies to work together in order to grow their respective businesses. They partner with businesses in need of new content ideas, generating the material themselves and presenting it to paid media channels as part of Scaled Paid Media’s strategy.

Tapp is the best option for companies that have already found a number of marketing channels and are looking to expand their reach. Tapp has worked with both startups and Fortune 500 corporations, so he knows how to identify the best opportunities for both strategy and execution. As a result, Tapp has developed unique software that is able to forecast influencer marketing results on a previously unrivaled level:

“Our proprietary tech and application have paved the way for advertisers to achieve their marketing goals through various influencer channels effortlessly.” Tapp Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Nick DiMartino

It’s tough to compete with a company like Tapp, which is adept at detecting problems and adapting to stay afloat in the choppy waters of paid advertising. Check out Tapp’s website and more to learn more about how their service works:

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The greatest Rapper/English Teacher to grace the Earth, ever. As seen/heard on many a noteworthy publication, record, and stage. @MCBravado

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MC Bravado

MC Bravado

The greatest Rapper/English Teacher to grace the Earth, ever. As seen/heard on many a noteworthy publication, record, and stage. @MCBravado

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