The Bravado Breakdown: NiccoFeem & Marc 2Ray’s “Perspectives”

Honest and Empathetic Views from The DMV

Any “let’s come together with our point of view” record can teeter on corny, lazy, or contrived. Any attempt of righteous commentary on the now can feel opportunistic or reek of virtue signaling. Fortunately, “Perspectives” from NiccoFeem and Marc 2Ray (prod. MadKutz) doesn’t fall into any of those traps. This listens like an emotive and autobiographical audiobook adapted from the tattered pages of bloodied and fused marble journals.

Nicco immediately speaks on the generational implications of racism in saying

“I was raised knowing life wouldn’t be Fair to Me/My grandmother told me White People are Scared of Me”

The urgency, solemnity, and anger in Nicco’s voice simultaneously make for a caliber of delivery only found in the most standout of emcees. When coupled with the sobering reality of his words, it’s difficult to avoid being invested as a listener from here on out.

Another moment in this verse that really caught my attention is Nicco’s acknowledgment that Hip Hop culture sometimes further “normalizes” the loss of Black lives. The recent tragic deaths of young stars like King Von and Pop Smoke as well as subsequent reactions from the culture add a weight and relevance to his words that holds true now more than ever.

Beyond Nicco’s candid heart, what makes this track special is Marc 2Ray’s sense of empathy. He’s of Armenian descent and has his own experience with generational trauma via Grandparents who survived the Armenian Genocide. With that said, he knows the implications of said trauma are not the same as those faced by Nicco, a person of color, especially in America:

“Pigment, fit the System/Written, by Indifference, Symptom, of the Schism”

Marc wisely acknowledges the privilege he receives by way of a lighter skin tone. He knows that a fair appearance makes for easier assimilation in the United States, but his family’s own horrific plight remains embedded in his DNA, making him a uniquely qualified ally. Aside from his self-awareness, 2Ray shines brightest through his command of multisyllabic rhymes, the couplet above being an exemplar of his ability to keep a blistering pace without wasting a syllable.

NiccoFeem and Marc 2Ray are two of the most thoughtful lyricists in the DMV. “Perspectives” is a welcome sort of atypical in both its construction and execution. I’m hype to see what these two concocted for the visual treatment. The music video for “Perspectives” is coming soon, but in the meantime, stream it below and follow these two on social media.

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