“You Deserve It” with Brian Jai

A Connecticut singer/songwriter with versatility and chops.

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Brian Jai in his element

Recently, I had the opportunity to chop it up with Connecticut’s Brian Jai: a singer/songwriter who seamlessly integrates his many influences into something fresh and eclectic while preserving a cohesive feel. A year and a half removed from debut opus “You Deserve It”, Brian Jai continues to embody what R&B should feel like in 2021.

Every hero has an origin story, tell me yours:

I grew up in a small town called Montville in Southeastern Connecticut. I was surrounded by music since I was born, both parents being vocalists.

Something about sound and how music made me feel was so interesting to me… so I got right to it. Starting using my voice and learning how to play instruments, which then led to me joining bands and playing live shows. I then started to learn all different types of DAW programs in my early teen years (music-making software) and after that, the rest was history. In high school, all I wanted to do was make music; I knew that I was destined for it. I made a studio in my parents' basement and got right to work… making beats, creating songs from scratch, and recording my friends. You name it: I was doing it.

I graduated high school and made music my entire life. I decided not to attend college and to put all my focus into what I loved and knew I wanted to do. And now here we are!

I admire the courage to dive right in. It took me pursuing a graduate degree and years of being unhappy at my job to muster up the guts to do the same. Continuing with your background, tell me about the Hip Hop and R&B scene in CT? Pros and Cons of the scene? How did the scene shape you? Who are the most prominent or even your favorite artists who emerged from that scene?

I respect the artists in Connecticut, but the scene doesn’t shape me because it’s such a small box;p I don’t see myself molded by the scene. My goals are to be so much bigger and broader than Connecticut.

Respect. Now to the King of Connecticut and a stan moment for me hahah…You told me you knew Apathy. I need to hear more about your connection with him as he’s one of my heroes. Have you guys worked together previously/do you plan on cooking something up?

I do know Apathy. He’s a great dude and makes great music, one of my favorite rappers! But at this moment we do not have anything planned for collaborating.

I’m sure the collab will eventually happen, and I’ll be listening and looking for an introduction lol…We talked a bit about your early inspiration to make music. Has your inspiration evolved since you began or is the source largely the same?

Music is a huge part of my life. Not only was I raised in it but I eat, sleep and breathe it… I don’t see my life without creating and being surrounded by music. What truly inspires me is simply my love for music all around.

Sure, I can listen to a song and feel the desire to create but overall it’s just the way that music makes me feel that inspires me.

Do you have a formal background/education in music?

No, I do not. Besides being surrounded by music, I found the resources and equipment to teach myself and have been doing so for as long as I can remember.

Experience is the best educator anyway, regardless. I can say this with confidence having literally gone to school to teach lol…How is your upcoming project different from what you’ve done to date?

My new work shows my dedication! I have been working hard to make sure that every project gets better and better as I challenge myself lyrically, vocally, and sonically.

Nothing is better than the feeling of a crowd enjoying the music.

What kind of supporting content do you have coming to bolster the rollout?

All that is needed to make sure the music can be heard by as many as possible. Visuals are coming with the sounds.

How does your stage show differ from your performance in the studio?

Well, in-studio there isn’t the pressure of being in front of thousands singing my music live, but my love for live performance is inevitable. Nothing is better than the feeling of a crowd enjoying the music. Stay tuned on Brianjaimusic.com for new shows/tours!

Is the landscape of the industry as it stands today beneficial for you? Or do you think you’re better suited in another era? Explain.

I do feel it is beneficial. Things have become much easier with the use of social media to promote music. Any artist that is hungry and willing to put in the work can now be seen just from utilizing social media and its tools. So that’s exactly what I am doing!

Heard. This is the part of the interview where my ADHD kicks in something fierce…You’re in the same elevator as Hov, sell him before he steps off.

If this were the case I would simply play whatever song I felt he would vibe with the most. With music, the work must speak for itself. I could say all I wanted to but without him hearing it, there’s not much to say.

That actually might be my favorite response I’ve ever gotten from that question…5 Desert Island Albums you can’t go without and why:

X by Chris Brown — Honestly I can barely pick a Chris brown album I can’t go without. He is my favorite artist and there’s so much music I’d want to hear by him on this island haha.

Confessions by Usher — Who wouldn’t want to be able to hear this gem? I grew up listening to this album and it’s all throwbacks for me.

Continuum by John Mayer — Bet you didn’t see that coming! Been a fan of John Mayer forever, and I need this good energy on that island for sure.

PartyNextDoor Two by PartyNextDoor — I’m all about feels, and this album by Party gives me all the feels. Overall as an artist, I love all of his music and would listen to all of it, but this is my favorite

You Deserve It by Brian Jai — Of course, I can’t go without this project. We worked hard on this body of work and to this day it is my favorite I’ve done!

This question was hard for me because there are so many albums I would pick. Just let me hit shuffle!

You’re the first person I’ve ever interviewed who picked one of his own albums, but I’m not hating because I would do the exact same thing lol…More fives…Where is Brian Jai in 5 years?

In five years Brian Jai is making serious progress and pushing to be right there with the greats! The work never stops, and in 5 years, I believe that I can make the impact in the world that I dreamt of.

I love it! Please tell the people where to find you, what you have coming up, and whatever else you want them to know:

I can be found on all social media platforms @brianjaimusic!

I am so excited for everyone to hear the new music that is being created!!




Website: brianjaimusic.com

Stream Brian Jai’s music here: https://fanlink.to/youdeserveit

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